Born and raised in San Francisco, Hazel Rose is a performing artist who serves raw lyrical electronic hip hop and soul. She has shared the stage with artists such as MC Lyte and Dead Prez. Her new Mixtape “The 5th Element” followed by her EP “A Lover’s War” are set to release in 2017.


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“Miss Haze (aka Hazel Rose) is a San Francisco Bay Area based performer, artist and activist. She’s the front woman of the hip-hop/ electronic soul group 40Love. Her raw lyricism combined with her love of the mystic and spirituality makes her a standout artist. Moreover, the feminist themes found in her work makes her an inspiration to hip-hop artists and fans alike.” 
– Feministing.com, Anna Sterling

“I immediately noticed Miss Haze’s strength, but most importantly her positivity. With so many artists, men and women alike, talking down to women it was a pleasure to hear about strong women. In a lot of ways Miss Haze represents what the Bay Area is about to me – you take away the sheen of LA and the grit of NY and your left with Bay Area soul.”
– M.I.S.S., Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee

“Ably crooning lush chorus and spitting impeccably timed couplets, Haze possesses the rare combination of poise, swagger and sultry mystique that won fiercely loyal fan bases for Lauryn Hill, Mystic and Jean Grae. Whether cooing breezy jazz flirtations…or spitting rapid fire vignettes of inner-city struggle on “Limelight,” she is the tone setter, providing the tracks with both their warmth and their urgency.”
—Okayplayer.com, Jeff Harvey

“…a lady lyricist who has the total package. Haze, the female emcee of San Francisco- based group 40Love, just might be what the game’s been missing… perhaps the best kept secret of the group: Haze. Quite simply, she displays a mastery of her own style and gives plenty of fellow “emcees” a serious run for their money.”
—URB Magazine, Jason Parham